welcome evening

Traditionally the welcoming evening will be held on 7th Oktober 2017.
The organisation has contracted the coverband  “jeWelste”for  this evening.

“jeWelste”is a typical band from which you will never get enough. They have a neverending energy.
With this energy they have toured for more than 13 years across the country. They bring great songs,
from the 70s up to now, from Bohemian Rhapsody to Seks on Fire. The men of the band aren’t afraid of
anything, except dullness.  All their songs are fantastically executed, they are superenthusiast .and
there is always 100 % rock and roll.

You have to experience, feel and smell  their performance. In the audience are screaming women, men
without a shirt, (or vice versa), empty beer barrels, hangovers, lost ties, etc. In short,  you will never
forget a “jeWelste” performance.

We hope to see you that evening and experience a great night with us.
  • Vander Perk
  • Happy Dog
  • Euro Joe