Clemente G. Grosso
Clemente Grosso was born in Torino, Italy, on April 22, 1968. He is
currently living in Moncalieri, where he has been a member of the
City Council from 2010 to 2015. He works as a Penal Lawyer in his
own office in Torino.
Has been breeding Riesenschnauzers and has been a member of
the German PSK and the Club Italiano Schnauzer & Pinscher for 25
years. He competed as a handler at the Working World
Championship for Riesenschnauzer (ISPU).

He is an Obedience and IPO judge as well as a conformation judge
for Schnauzer, Pinscher, Rottweiler and German Shepard.

Interested in Applied Ethology, taking part in seminars and researches carried out by Universities in
Torino, Milano and Perugia.
In 2008 he worked with the National Veterinary Bioethics committee.

Since 2002 he has been representing Italy within the FCI Working Dogs commission. He has also
been President of the Regional ENCI in Piemonte and President of the Turin Kennel Club since
Already a member of the ENCI board and the executive commitee, he has been Vice President of
ENCI since October 2, 2014.
Actually representing ENCI towards the FCI.

Jari Kokkonen
I’m Jari Kokkonen, almost 50 years old German shepherd enthusiast
from Finland. There is wife and 2 children in our family … and 2
shepherds and 2 Lancashire heelers right now.
Since 1991 I have been a member on German shepherd association
(“SPL”) of Finland and I have trained German shepherds more than 25
years as a handler. I have competed with 4 different GSD’s in
championship of German shepherd association of Finland and
participated twice to WUSV World Championship as a handler.
SPL authorized me as helper 1998 and I have worked as responsible training helper in our local
team since 2000. I started also as a helper teacher in Finnish Helper School in 2000 and last years
until 2017 I was acting as head of Finnish Helper School. I was authorized to judge SchH and FH in
2001 and after that I have judged several times in national championships and competitions in
Finland and other countries like Estonia, Poland, Russia as Sweden. I have also judged twice in
FMBB World Championships (2012 in Italy I judged obedience, in finals I judged protection, 2014 I
was head judge in Finland and judged obedience and protection in finals) and 2013 in WUSV
Universal Sieger in Diest, Belgium I judged tracking.
I have worked in several commissions in SPL, such as helper committee, performance judge
committee and training and competition committee. I also have been in many organizing teams for
national championships and I was responsible of tracking in WUSV World Championships in 2015 in
Lahti, Finland.
I wish all the best to all the competitors. Let’s have excellent dogsport event where we can see lots
of top quality German shepherds working!

Dieter Träger
Age: 58
Profession:  Customs officer
Civil Registration: Married, , one son
Breeder of German Shepherds since 1984   „von den Wannaer Höhen“

National participant as handler:
4x Bundessiegerprüfung (with own–bred dogs)
1x ADRK (Rottweiler) Bundessiegerprüfung
1x International  Policedogs Championship     
2x Bundessiegerprüfung (mostly part C )
1x VDH  German Championship (part C)
1x National Championship Tracking
About  20 times judging at “Landensgroepen”
National Championships
2018 Nominated for the WUSV  Worldchampionships in Denmark ( part C)
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