Fabian v Aalsburg

Hello ,  I would like to introduce myself: I am Fabian, I am 35 years old, I
have a wife and three children.
Several times a week I am at the training to get the best out of me,  my
dogs and other dogs.  I started as a helper for boxers at the age of 21.
After a couple of years I became hooked on the German Shepherd. In
2006 I became a national helper and in 2007 I became a helper at Sint
Hubertus in Belgium. From 2009 up to now I have been an international
helper and I have done many competitions at home and abroad. I have
also done several Dutch championships of different breeds. The last two
years I have worked towards the WUSV. If I am selected to be there I
will throw my heart and soul into it and I will do the utmost for myself and all the dogs.
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  • Euro Joe
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