Nicky Kuipers

My name is Nicky Kuipers, I’m 28 years old and proud to be selected as one
of the helpers on the second part at the WUSV2017. I became a helper in
2007 and earned my B licence in 2013. One year later I became an A
licenced helper. I’ve managed to maintain that status for four years now.
Since then, I’ve been presenting my skills in local trials, regional
competitions, province championships and preselection competitions for the
WUSV. This year I‘ve been asked to perform at the National championship
IPO for all breeds, which is a great honour. Being a left-handed helper may
come as a surprise but, my true qualities are my technique, my speed and
my high pressure throughout the program.
  • Euro Joe
  • Vander Perk
  • Happy Dog