Ruben van der Wouden

Ruben van der Wouden (1992) ended up in the dogsports by accident:
during a dogsports meetingday he was asked to put on a sleeve. That day
he found out that you can become a helper at the age of sixteen. He
appeared to be so talented that he immediately went from “kringgroep”
helper  to all-round helper . Meanwhile he has regularly been a helper at
national competitions including the  Dutch Individual Championship (2015) ,
the International competition between the Netherlands and Belgium and he
has done several selection competitions for the WC IPO.
In his every day life he has worked as a catering and fork-lift truck driver in
Gorinchem for a year. He trains with Kringgroep Gorichem and De
Randstad. Ruben expects the WUSV 2017 to become a huge event in a cosy athmosphere, in which he
obviously wants to excel as a helper.
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