Officials & Judges IPO

Supervisor Judges: Mr. Josef Schallegruber (A)
Josef was born on 27 January 1951. He is married and has got 2 children (born
1976 and 1991). He went to primary school and secondary school. At the moment
he is retired. In his active career he was a banker. He had his first German
Shepherd in 1968 and he has been a member of CVO since 1968. He has been
an administrator since 1969 and chairman of OG Linz-Wegscheid since 1982.
He has presented many dogs in SchH and FH. He has been the breeder of kennel “vom Traungold”
since 1971. He has been part of the board of directors of SVO since 1976 and chairman since 2012.
He has also been vice president of the financial comittee of ÖKV.
•  judge ÖKV 1994
•  SV judge 1996
•  WUSV judge 2014

Tracking Supervisor: Mr. Wolfgang Rook (D)
He was born on 8 February 1956. He has been a member of the SV since 1975.
Wolfgang has entered in more than 200 competitions.  He trains his own dogs
up to SchH3/IPO3 and FH, he participated  in the regional championships in
Lower Saxony. He was handler in the National FCI championships with one dog
and with 2 dogs in the Bundessiegerprúfung in 1984 and 1996.
He trained helpers from 1984 – 1989 and he was, as a helper,  5 times on the regional
champonships. In 1989 he was a helper on the Bundessiegerprúfung.
He has been a qualified judge since 1999 and judged many international competitions.
• 2006 National FH Uffenheim
• 2009 National FCI Eschenbach
• 2011 National Championship (Bundessiegerprüfung) Meppen
• 2011 National Siegerprüfung Finnland
• 2015 National Championship USCA
• 2016 WUSV-Qualifikation Türkei

Judge section A: Mr. Peter Mayerl (A)
Peter is 50 years old and he is married. He has got 2 children and he is team
leader  in the metal industry. He has done dogsports since 1986 , he is member
of SVÖ and has been a member of the SV since 1987. His duties  within the
dogsport are SVÖ teacher of helpers, SVÖ/ ÖKV judge since 2002, FCI teacher
of judges since 2005. Peter has been SV judge since 2006, BAW of the SVÖ
since 2010. Beside all that he is a participant of the “ÖKV Fachkommission”.

Judge section B: Mr. Heinz Gerdes (D)
Heinz was born in 1949 and has been a member of the SV since 1974. During all
those years he has presented 37 different German Shepherds at clubmatches
and other matches. He has also been a handler of the Bundessiegerprúfung with
2 different dogs. His Kennel “Vom Emsbogen“ is a workingdog kennel and he
pays  a lot of attention to health and breed. Since March 1980 he has been very
active in “LG WATERKANT”as youth co-ordinator, for over 15 years “LG-Ausbildungswart” and  
chairman since 2008. From 2010 up to 2014 he was SV training director. During his SV membership
he was part of the organisation of the Bundessiegerhauptzuchtschauen several times.
Organisor of 6  Bundessiegerprúfungen from 2003 to 2015, 3 Bundesfährtenhunde Prüfungen and 2
Bundesleistungshüten as well as the German Youth and Junior championships 2010 , during
leadership in LG WATERKANT.
He has been a SV Leistungsrichter since 1982. During this period he has judged many National
championships, home and abroad. He was also a judge at the WUSV-Universal WC & WUSV WC.

Judge section C: Mr. Marinus Bastiaansen (B)
I was born in 1960 and grew up with dogs but got my first GSD when I
was 16 years old.  I bought my first pup in 1980 and became a member
of VVDH (Belgium GSD Club). With this pup, my first competition dog, I
competed later on in more than 80 trials, included 4 times Regionals,
and 3 times Nationals. I gained the bronze, silver, gold and brilliant trainingsmedal
in VVDH. Straight after I joined my club, I got involved in the protection and helperwork, I got my
official trial helper and tracklayer licence in 1985. Beside a lot of local trials I was also a helper for
Regionals, Nationals and Selection Trials.
After being VVDH judge for several years I became official FCI judge in 1996. I also judged already
in Regionals, Nationals, Selection Trials & Championships in different countries, and judged the
protection phase at the 2015 WUSV World Championship in Slovakia.
I became member of the working dog committee of VVDH in 2001 and since 9 years I’m president of
this committee.  Most people will probably recognize me as team captain from the Belgium WUSV
team. A job that I did with pleasure for more than 15 years.

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