Veterinary Certificate

 WUSV 2017 requires the presentation of a
mandatory health certificate. The certificate is to be
issued by a certified veterinary doctor as appointed
by the WUSV member organizations in either English
or German. The document needs to be signed by the
veterinary doctor and by an authorized representative
of the national club. Regardless of the above
mentioned, the „table jump exercise” on the occasion
of the veterinary examination at the beginning of the
competition remains in effect. The official
veterinarian and the head judge are authorized to
disqualify a dog in case that it becomes obvious that
the animal is unfit to continue with the exams for
health-related reasons. With respect to the WUSV
World Championship it is recommended to provide
an HD/ED stamp which will, however, become
mandatory from 2019 on.

  • Vander Perk
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