Competition Rules

Up to six participants can be nominated for the national team of each individual country. A minimum
of  three participants is required to form a team.
The team members are nominated by each national association.
A "mixed team" of participants from different nations is not permitted.

Mode for the team competition
All participants of a national team do get scoring points in relation to their ranking in each individual
First position: 1 point / second position: 2 points/third position 3 points etc.
The three participants with the worst total results will be deleted.
Then, the scoring points of the best three participants of each national team (after a total of 6 runs)
will be added and used for the classifications. All of their runs will be evaluated, none of them deleted.
First, the number of disqualifications will be taken into consideration. Then, the scoring points will be
evaluated. The team with the least number of disqualifications and the lowest amount of scoring
points will be the winner

Individual competition
Each three agility-courses and three jumpings have to be run.
Friday: two times agility, one jumping.
Saturday: two times jumping, one agility-course.
The competition will be done in accordance to the FCI-rules – faults and run time will be added. For
the individual competition, the worst agility and jumping run of each participant will be neglected.
Depending on the number of participants, the competition might be done on two different rings
Sunday (around midday): the finals inside the stadium.
The best 20 % of teams of all three categories (A1, A2, A3) will participate in the finals.
The participants qualified for the finals will be announced on Sunday morning.

Finals & Ceremony
On Sunday morning, before the finals, the awards ceremony for the winners (best of 2 Agility, 2
jumpings) of the individual classes A1, A2 and A3 will be held.
All participants will jointly march into the stadium for the awards ceremony of the Agility World
Champion and the team competition.
Documents will be returned only after the final ceremony is finished.