Officials Agility

Ben Gräfe
I am Ben Gräfe, 52 years old and living together with my girlfriend Helma
Hoek.We do have two children, Michel and Wesley, as well as five
dogs: two Border Collies (Kayleigh und Djayson), two Shelties (Mc
Phee und Tyčka) as well as our West Highland White Terrier Beau.  
Since 1996, I am a very enthusiastic agility competitor and participated
in tournaments in many different countries, such as Germany, England
(Crufts, Dogs in Need International), France, Italy, Czech Republic,
Luxemburg and Austria (as reserve team in the Agility-World
championship). since in 1997, I started to produce Agility-obstacles, and in 2012 we began in our efforts
to reconstruct some of them in order to make them more safe for the dogs.
And now, more than four years later, we may say in good conscience, that we have achieved our aim.
We were even able to convince the FCI to adjust some of its rules in accordance to our equipment.
Since 2006, I became agility judge and have been active in various competitions in The Netherlands
and abroad. As FCI-judge, I participated in some very big events in 2016, such as the
Border-Collie-Classic, as well as several national and international championships and
World-Championship-Qualifyings, both home and abroad. My philosophy as agility judge is to design
smooth courses, since this is most important for guaranteeing fun as well as the safety in this sport,
both for dogs and handlers alike. I myself take personal pleasure from watching an optimal run at a high
technical level, where speed and faultlessness is combined on a perfect racing line.

Mark Fonteijn
My name is Mark Fonteijn. I am just 44 years "young". I am living
together with my girlfriend Yannick, and we both manage a facility
cleaning company jointly. Apart from that, we do share our home with
seven (!) dogs and our lives are really determined by agility.
Since in 1999, I started this sport with my first dog "Bo".
Although Bo was unfortunately not a true agility-dog, we had a lot of fun
together. In 2003, "Classic" came into our life. With her too I shared real
good times and we both won a lot of prizes together.
Unfortunately, though, she had to retire at the age of eight due to a torn
crucial ligament. Then "Grace" joined our family in 2010. With her, I am
presently competing in Agility 2.
In 2005, I started holding agility-seminars and since 2010 I am
organizing workshops on regular basis as well. Since in 2012, I started
with my education to become agility judge, which was finished in 2013. Since then, I am acting as judge
on a regular basis in The Netherlands as well as abroad. My personal preferences are parcours which
are really speedy. I do hope that everybody has much fun with my parcours and really enjoys running