All competitors handling a German Shepherd (with pedigree-certificate or registration in the pedigree
book) can participate.
Together with the application, a team photo of the competitor and his dog has to be provided for
publication in  the tournament catalogue.
Dogs which were downgraded, as well as veteran dogs are not permitted.
Bitches in heat are permitted to participate. However it might be requested that they do wear a nappy
for the finals inside the stadium.
The draw for the starting order of Agility will take place on Tuesday (Oct 3, 2017) together with the
draw for the IPO-competition. However, participants of the Agility competition are not obliged to be
Documents for registration have to be handed over and the dog must be presented to the veterinarian
on Thursday (Oct 5, 2017) by 18:00 latest.

Training on the track is possible on Wednesday or Thursday. Requests for training have to be
indicated in the application form. After the closing date for application, a time table for the training will
be prepared.